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Michelle Jerry          

Heart & Hooves Horsemanship‚Äč

Michelle Jerry 

Ken McNabb Master Trainer

Horses and helping people communicate effectively with

their horses is my passion. I believe knowledge is power and the key to confidence for both horses and humans alike.

I seize every opportunity to expand my own horsemanship knowledge so that I can pass it along to the people and horses that are a part of the Heart and Hooves community.

Working with Ken McNabb, Josh Lyons and other trainers to continue learning has taken me and my students on an amazing journey. I am truly blessed to be able to help others realize their own horsemanship dreams simply by living and sharing my 

passions each and every day.

- Michelle Jerry

Heart & Hooves Horsemanship "I Believe" 

Written & Recorded by Victoria Venier for H&H. Copyright @ BMI All rights reserved.

"Where Your Horsemanship Dreams Come True!"

-Michelle Jerry 2015

"Little Steps, Big Changes"- Matt Erickson 2016"

"Two Hearts, One Journey" -Teresa Sands 2017

"More than just Obstacles" - Carol Gist 2018

"Together as a Team" - Kayla Kiesow 2019

"Dream, Believe, Achieve" - Dee Ayers 2020

"Work Together, Grow Together" -  Lynn Cochran 2021

"Way more than Horsemanship" - Sarah Jo Erickson 2022

"Obstacles are Opportunities" -Paula Dearholt-Winckler 2023

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