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Michelle: 218-244-2328 or or [email protected]

*When you contact us to determine availability, we will RESERVE your spot for a period of 7 days. Either payment in full OR the designated deposit amount, along with complete registration forms, MUST be received before your spot is GUARANTEED.

Foundation Groundwork & Riding


This Heart and Hooves Horsemanship Groundwork Clinic will give you a solid foundation to build on for continued growth in natural horsemanship over a period of two days. Learning why horses do the things they do, understanding how they communicate with their humans, and having effective training exercises allows you to connect with your equine partner. Both you and your horse will gain confidence and make great strides toward establishing a partnership!

Topics covered include: natural horsemanship definition, two-way communication with your horse, how horses learn, evaluating the whole picture to address common issues, and much more. Skills learned include: respect, desensitizing, engaging your horse’s feet, lunging, moving hind and forequarters, flexion, backing and more.

Prerequisites: None


Advanced Groundwork & Riding


The Heart and Hooves Horsemanship 2 and 3 Clinic will connect the skills you have learned on the ground to our riding relationships. Truly, everything we do with our horses on the ground ends up in the saddle with us! The exercises and activities we teach in this class will help you to establish softness and closeness on the ground and gain control in the saddle. You will learn the skills you need to improve overall communication with your horse and gain a connection with your equine partner. You will spend three days working hard and learning with your equine partner, but we promise you will laugh often as you find your way to the goals you set!

Topics covered include: preparation before you ride, basic equine care, saddling, bits, issues that may occur under saddle. Groundwork skills learned include: foundation skills refresher, connecting the foundation skills, softening, how to bring them in closer. Riding skills learned: transition of gaits, stopping, backing, flexion, softness, improving communication with your horse, and more.

Prerequisites: Horsemanship 1


Trail Clinic


he Heart and Hooves trail clinic will strengthen all the skills you learned in Horsemanship clinics and push both you and your horse beyond the arena as a united team over the course of 2 days. Every exercise and activity on the trail has meaning, puts solid schooling miles on, and develops confidence in real life situations for both horse and rider. The natural challenges that are embedded in this clinic will help you have a safe equine partner on the trail. You will gain skills and effective exercises to address common trail issues. We will encounter natural trail obstacles such as logging roads, traffic, ATV's, dogs, narrow trails, hills, water, other horses, and more. You must finish Horsemanship 1, 2, and 3 prior to participating.

Location: Cut Foot Horse Camp 58096 Third River Road Deer River, MN 56636. You are responsible for making camping reservations and providing your meals. An agenda will be sent prior to the clinic with additional information

Prerequisites: Horsemanship 1, 2, & 3



Clinic Deposit
Clinic Full Payment


Clinic Deposit
Clinic Full Payment