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Francis & Michelle Jerry

Francis and I have dedicated our lives to fostering a community where we can encourage support, and educate others. We enjoy learning and sharing our knowledge about true natural horsemanship, which is looking at the whole horse individually by communicating with and listening to them. Our goal is to help you and your equine partner become successful no matter where you are at or where you are headed in your horsemanship journey. We believe the journey never ends and that a horse is never finished. We will continue doing what we love, and that is 

seeking and sharing knowledge!

Heart & Hooves Horsemanship Team

"Although this started out as OUR dream, it has become a dream for many of the Heart and Hooves family.

For this, we are truly grateful."

Michelle Jerry

Owner & Head Trainer

Ken McNabb Master Trainer

Horses and helping people communicate effectively with

their horses is my passion. I believe knowledge is power and the key to confidence for both horses and humans alike.

I seize every opportunity to expand my own horsemanship knowledge so that I can pass it along to the people and horses that are a 

part of the Heart and Hooves community. 

 Working with Ken McNabb, Josh Lyons and other trainers to continue learning has taken me and my students on an amazing journey.  I am truly blessed to be able to help others realize their own horsemanship dreams simply by living and sharing my passions each and every day.

- Michelle Jerry

Francis Jerry

Owner & Equine Massage Therapist

Since our beginning at H&H, I have witnessed amazing partnerships within our family. As our dream continues to grow, I will further my knowledge to understand the animals and how I can help them. Young Living Oils and supplements have powerful benefits along with massage. These help to improve the whole well-being of the animals. I have found my passion and will strive to share this knowledge with you.

Teddy Jerry

CEO of Heart & Hooves Horsemanship

Future Head Trainer

I have been here since the beginning helping my Grammy and Poppy build H&H. My main goal is to live the best life making people smile, inspiring others and learning all I can along the way. and of course having fun too!  Over the years I have made some amazing friends and look forward to what the future holds for me at H&H.

-Teddy Jerry