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H & H Youth Horsemanship Program

The Heart and Hooves Horsemanship Youth Program strives to engage a youth’s passion for horsemanship from the beginning. Gaining knowledge is essential to becoming safe and confident with horses. Learning why horses do the things they do, understanding how they communicate with their humans, and having effective training exercises allows the youth to create and develop natural horsemanship skills that will last a lifetime. The confidence that is gained will shine through in every part of the youth’s life and inspire healthy growth and development. Youth Program activities will be designed with youth learning styles in mind. The pace and content of each lesson will be tailored to the age as much as possible. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their child’s horsemanship journey with regular progress updates and skills to be practiced between lessons or classes. Many have asked how young their child can begin to participate in the Heart and Hooves Horsemanship Youth Program. Every child grows and develops their ability to learn and productively participate, in a group safely, at a different pace. The skill level of the horse that the child will be using is also a consideration. The youth program will focus on children that are ages 8 and older. However, if parents feel their younger child is ready to engage productively in learning this may be available with further discussions and modifications.

Youth Horsemanship Class: The Foundation 

Heart and Hooves Horsemanship Youth Program

Private Lessons offer a focused and individualized approach to establishing a solid foundation of natural horsemanship skills one hour at a time. Private lessons will establish a foundation of horsemanship skills on the ground prior to progressing to riding.

Our goal is to help create a safe and solid horsemanship foundation that will last a lifetime.

Heart & Hooves Horsemanship is proud to introduce Hanna Rasmussen to our training team.

My Journey to becoming a better Horseman.

I am your typical “have been riding since I was 5” story. Growing up I was heavily involved in the local 4-H program in the areas of horse and dog. Through 4-H, I had the opportunity to attend many clinics, with many different top trainers in several different disciplines. I had a successful showing career in my time as a 4-H’er, earning several trips to the state show with multiple horses where I placed in every class I entered and earned multiple top 5 finishes. I have always had good relationships with my horses, but something was always missing in my journey with my horse when the competition was all we primarily did. I had heard of horsemanship in the past, I thought I was one and good one too, man oh man was I wrong.

I met Michelle while I was still in high school when I primarily competed and did the occasional trail riding. I had my horse named Blu, who at the time, scared me and I had never feared a horse before. I grew up with horses, had been competing in speed and technical riding all my life, how could I be scared? When I first purchased Blu, he had some health issues we were not aware of, so when I asked him to lope, he would bolt and throw me off. Being how big he is falling off was no pleasant thing, is it ever? I was lost, sad, and had lost hope of my prospect being able to be what I wanted him to be. I was so defeated that my sweet mom rode Blu for a while to show me that he was no longer a threat when we started his rehabilitation from his injury.

When I attended my first clinic with Michelle, I was blown away by the bond that I created with my horse in the matter of a mere 3 days. Blu went from fearful of everything, to a thinker and he gained confidence in himself. I became his leader, and we became a team. There was no longer anything Blu would not do for me as he was confident in me as his leader to not set him up for failure. From then on, I completely changed my mindset, goals, and my version of success with my horse.

With my newly gained understanding of what it meant to be a good horseman; I devoted my time to learning as much as I could from as many people as I could. I became a certified equine massage therapist to help Blu in his recovering from his injury and I became aware of all the amazing benefits of massage for horses. I continue to attend clinics of Michelle’s to advance my learning and better my communication with my horse. I also still attend many clinics of professionals in different disciplines to add to my toolbox and keep my horse thinking. I now enjoy trail riding, roping, cow sorting, and still compete in English pleasure riding classes, barrel racing, and showmanship. My goals for myself are to continue my education in different disciplines and furthering my horsemanship journey with my horses. I will be continuing to compete in the areas I listed above and have goals in each discipline to keep progressing. I have a new horse that I have a goal of developing a partnership with and hope to be ready to begin competing next year.

Throughout my life, I have learned the great life lessons that horses and the work that comes along with them have to offer us. To have a horse takes hard work in itself: cleaning up after them, feeding, grooming, working hard to be able to afford them, and this is just the beginning of the work. However, to be a partner with an equine is an experience that merits a much rawer experience. Horses see us for who we are, so there is no hiding. I have been incredibly lucky to have some of my greatest memories to have taken place because of a horse. Horses provide us the opportunity to escape from the pressures of the real world. Every time we go visit our equine partners, we can leave life’s responsibilities at the gate and revert to the little kids we all once were, or still are, that is just excited to be able to spend time with their favorite healer.

Just like no person has ever learned all the knowledge there is to know in the world, no horse is EVER finished, and no horseman is EVER done learning. You may be very good at a certain discipline, but there is always more that can be accomplished. Come join me in continuing the safe, healing space that has been fostered at Hearts and Hooves while still reaching your horsemanship goals.

I cannot wait to meet you! -Hanna Rasmussen H&H Trainer


•   Youth lessons

•   Basic Horsemanship

•   Western Pleasure and Horsemanship

•   English Pleasure and Horsemanship

•   WSCA Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Weaving/Bending, Jumping Figure 8, and Keyhole.

•   Equine Massage Therapy

IF you would like to schedule a lesson with Hanna please contact her @:

Cell # 1-218-244-6402 call or text/Email: [email protected]